4 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started A Squarespace Site

As a web developer, its best to be abreast of all the new technologies and the ways people are using them. So I, of course, had to try out Squarespace to see if it could optimize my workflow. While there are many good things about Squarespace I’m going to share with you some of the bad:

1. They don’t offer any phone support.

Templates are great. Templates do exactly what you need … most of the time. But there comes a time when Squarespace’s templates are just broken. Who do you turn to then besides a web developer like us? Squarespace doesn’t have an answer. Even GoDaddy (the cheapest hosting company out there) offers phone support from Americans living here in the states who speak perfect English. For $30 bucks a month in hosting (whew!) that’s pretty ridiculous.

2. They charge $5/mo to receive email at a domain you own.

This is like buying an espresso machine from Breville (who I can’t recommend enough) and every time I make espresso at home I get a $5 invoice from Breville. You own the .com domain, why are you paying for it a second time? No hosting company in the history of hosting companies has had the gall to do this.  But the hipsters at Squarespace decided this was for us.

3. It’s almost impossible to move your content to a different site.

Oh you wanted to export your content to another site? That’s cute. Here’s the only option you get if you want to do that:

Oh you wanted to export to Wix? Joomla? Drupal? Nope, turns out you have to use WordPress. Furthermore, as someone who has tried this, I can confirm that it will not move the images with your site. Found that in this little sentence on their website:

4. $30/mo is way too much for hosting.

Shop around a little and you’ll see that even the worst hosts charge around $8/mo for perfectly fine hosting. This $30 sum I arrived at after adding up a few of their services ($16/mo + $5 for email + $9 for other services). How is Squarespace able to get away with this? Well, because people don’t read articles like this and they only listen to podcasts. As we all know, Squarespace is advertised on literally every podcast on earth.

Have an amazing day and reach out to us if you want help with your website! We actually work on squarespace websites almost every day (but we don’t have to like it!)

Andrew Parker is the owner of Signal 7, an interactive design studio, and a huge mid 90s Simpsons fan. Request a free quote if you would like to talk about your business goals on the web.