Do This, Not That: 4 Ways To Get Higher Up In Google Search in 2017

#1 Get a google plus page.

Instead of saying “Stop trying to make Google Plus happen!” like Regina George from Mean Girls, we are going to indulge Google and pretend it was a great idea. The reason why: they will prioritize our links and our content in their search results. Even though, as well know, nobody actually uses Google Plus. (Google if you are reading this: I love you always! xoxo)

#2 Get a google places page and have your customers write glowing reviews.

Unlike google plus, we all use google places constantly. They show up whenever you are in the area of something on google maps so they are without a doubt the most visible aspect of your business. If you haven’t claimed a google place, do this now! Once the place is claimed, start having happy customers write reviews for you.

#3 Make sure the address of your business is on as many social media outlets as possible.

Because of all the spam these days, google is giving a high priority to content in the continental US with a physical address in the US. This address should be on your social media, on all your google accounts, and on every page of your website.

#4 Make videos and put them on YouTube. (Decent content is ok, great content is better.)

YouTube is owned by google. YouTube is part of the “family”. It’s like if your child creates a piece of art, you’re going to put it on your fridge. But if some other person’s random child makes a piece of art you won’t really care about it. Even if the art is terrible, your mom will like it more. This is how Google is with YouTube. You videos could be terrible. Google will like them more.


Andrew Parker is the owner of Signal 7, an interactive design studio, and a huge mid 90s Simpsons fan. Request a free quote if you would like to talk about your business goals on the web.