Is a site good enough for your business?

If you are using to build a website, you also probably want the following things:

(1) You don’t want to be found in search engines

Both Wix’s “premium” paid service and the free service are not indexed by google. You cannot use Google Webmaster tools, you cannot have unique page titles and descriptions, and any deep pages you have are not getting indexed. This whole problem exists because a Wix site is basically a one page flash site.  Google will not index it.  More on that here.

(2) You want advertisements for other companies on your website

What better way to say “I am a professional” than giant advertisements for other companies on your site? Here’s what one looks like:

(3) $10/mo is a fair price to pay for a site you have very little control over

You can literally host a website on bluehost, godaddy, or for about $7/month.  With one of these sites would come an array of custom wordpress CMS options where youc can customize literally everything on your site. Why then, would you pay $10/mo for a website you have VERY LITTLE control over?

(4) Your time is not valuable and you don’t want help from a real human being

Hey let me just pull up the Wix support line phone number really quick– oh wait it doesn’t exist. Good thing there’s a support forum with thousands of other confused Wix users I can post in!

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