Tips For Going Viral on Tumblr In One Week

So I recently started a Tumblr blog that received 10,000 actual followers in a week without me sending a single person there from outside Tumblr.

#1. Create funny, clever, or beautiful content that is repeatable.

If you can tie it into an existing franchise (Doctor Who, Sherlock, etc.) this is a huge boost as well. My idea was to take Arrested Development quotes and put them in a nice consistent “poster” design:


These take me like 10 min each to churn out in Photoshop. Voila.

Consistent elements I used:

  • Typeface: 30pt white Futura Bold
  • Brightly colored background
  • A very simple illustration I would make usually by tracing a photo in Photoshop
  • And of course, a hilarious quote from the show

#2. You will live and die by accurate tagging.

Tags are the way people find everything on Tumblr. Your tags need to be accurate and popular. In my case I looked to see what tags the items with over 100k reblogs were using and they were: #Arrested Development #Gob #Bluths so I started using these and a few others.

Tumblr only indexes 5 tags on each thing you post so anything over 5 tags is generally pointless.

Also notice tumblr allows spaces in hashtags and people use them instead of mashing the whole word together.  #ArrestedDevelopment and #Arrested Development are 2 different hashtags. The second one is more popular.

#3. Find people who care about your content. Follow them, like their stuff.

Go through your 5 most popular tags and do this. This seriously takes 5 minutes to follow and like 50 people with one hash tag…


Do that 100 times. Is this spamming? Kind of but not really because you are just finding people who are interested in the content you are putting out. (If you actually browse tumblr I would do that under a different account now because you will now be following tons of people you don’t care about.)

#4. Be strategic.

  • ALWAYS set your content up to release at peak times. You never want to put something out the moment you make it. Try to get 10 ideas done and schedule them to release daily at peak times.
  • If your content is some kind of image always put your URL somewhere on the image. It’s easy for people to save your images and reupload them on their site. Your URL will stay on the image though.
  • I would create a NEW tumblr account for each account I was seriously promoting. The reason for this is when you follow somebody it always says to them “[THE FIRST BLOG YOU CREATED] has followed you.” If you are pushing Arrested Development stuff you need that to say something about Arrested Development. This way people you have followed for Arrested Development are more likely to check you out.

#5. You will give up unless you enjoy doing this.

I have sold a ton of t-shirts and posters through my merch store because I slowly grew this project and communicated with my followers.

So now you just need a topic ……….

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